New protein glue: La Colle

Yannick Chastang now offers for sale a new protein glue, I am confident that you will not find better glue on the market.

La Colle (the french name for glue) is a superior glue of higher quality than commonly sold hide glue, pearl glue or bone glue. This high-grade protein glue is a mix of various grades of hide glues and bone glues that have been carefully selected for their excellent quality, strength and flexibility. It is free from additives. This unique glue is the fruit of years of research and testing by craftsmen, restorers, conservators and scientists. La Colle is a marriage of traditional materials and techniques refined using the latest hydrolysis technology together with Yannick Chastang’s understanding of what makes perfect glue.


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High quality general purpose glue. Ideal for gluing joints and veneer.

200g packet, including instructions: £7

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