Furniture & Marquetry

Yannick Chastang can make furniture to suit every wish.  Whether for a palace or a more humble home, Yannick Chastang prides himself on making furniture to suit the client’s dreams and needs. His furniture reflects twenty years of exposure to some of the best pieces in the world as a museum conservator.  The conservation and study of antiques has given Yannick Chastang an eye for detail, proportions and most importantly quality.  Learning from the past masters has given him a unique perspective from which to avoid repeating manufacture mistakes of the past. His hope is that his pieces will become the antiques of the future.  Please see our portfolio pages to view our most extravagant pieces (including a copy of Louis XV’s famous Bureau du Roi) as well as our more humble and affordable everyday pieces.

Prices can range from £5,000 to £100,000 depending on the scale and complexity of the project.

Portfolio Of Work