New marquetry donkey

In preparation for our September marquetry course, course runs 26th-30th September 2015, £500 plus materials), we are currently making 8 new marquetry donkeys.  Although requiring a lot of work and a lot of wood, it’s a great project.  With 8 new donkeys to add to our 2 existing donkeys, we will have more donkeys than the Ecole Boulle in Paris or any other marquetry school in the world.  Importantly, each student will be assigned a brand new donkey and will not need to share.  The donkeys are made using locally sourced quality ash timber, mahogany and the metal work is currently being made professionally to our own specification.

The donkeys will be available for sale at the end of the course, at a reduced rate to those students attending the course.  Normal price will be £4,560 (£3,800 before VAT) reduced to £3,960 (£3,300 before VAT) to the student (the discount of £500 equalling the cost of the course).  If interested, I strongly advise you to book your place as soon as possible…

thibaut degenne ©_DSCN4098_COL

The making of 8 new marquetry donkeys:

making new marquetry donkey, 2015, 1

making new marquetry donkey, 2015

making new marquetry donkey 2015, 4

making new marquetry donkey 2015, 8

making new marquetry donkey 2015, 6

making new marquetry donkey 2015, 7