Yannick Chastang offers what he confidently believes to be the best and most versatile glue available today. This new glue is the result of years of research, testing and scientific analysis of original glues and modern equivalents. It combines the best of those 18th century glues that have survived the test of time with modern industry’s knowledge. The final product is reversible, strong, flexible, durable and easy to use. Various glues are be available.

Yannick Chastang can supply or help with your supply of marquetry veneer. Yannick Chastang recommends the veneers from Les Fils de J. George, in Bagnolet, near Paris ( Frederic George has the best selection in the world of exotic timbers and European timbers. His veneers are cut using a traditional "scie au bois montant", the best way to cut hard exotic timbers with minimum waste and high precision. The veneer are extra thick saw cut veneer. You can contact Frederic George directly or do not hesitate to contact us if you have any request. We have large quantity of George's veneer in our workshop and regularly visit Frederic George in Paris to select the best veneer.

La Colle, high quality protein glue (hide glue)

Price: £7 per 200g pack (price do not include VAT and postage)